Private Instruction
Aside from photography, I also teach martial arts on a limited basis.
I’ve trained in martial arts (TKD primarily) my whole life, and have been teaching since a very young age. In college, I founded, taught, coached, & managed a TKD program & intercollegiate competitive team. I have similar background experience in Hapkido, as well as various degrees of training in other styles over the years, including kickboxing, Aikido, Judo, Kendo, etc.
My live/work photography studio, located in the Bemis Building of Seattle’s Sodo district, is a fairly large space with ample room for small-group training sessions. It’s always been a goal & desire of mine to have a space in which I could do both martial arts & photography. Neither one need the space full time, both utilize the wide-openness, & it’s a perfect way to split my time between two passions.
I love training, & I love teaching. I don’t think I’ve ever poured more of my soul into anything as I have martial arts. Sharing the life-empowering skills, discipline, & physical challenge of martial arts with others is incredibly fulfilling, not to mention rather practical.
Classes are kept small & semi-formal in nature, with a learning structure similar to a conventional martial arts school, but in a much more fluid & personal format.
Open to beginners & previously experienced practitioners alike.
The curriculum is centered around fitness & personal development.
Why should I train in TKD? — Taekwondo is a sport that exercises the entire body, but also balances the mind, body, & spirit together through physical challenge. I take a holistic approach to integrating the training into your real life. We use it to better ourselves, stay fit, build confidence, & learn useful self-defense capabilities.
What’s the benefit of joining this group VS a traditional school? — There are trade-offs, but I can offer a level of personal attention & guidance that full fledged schools simply can’t match. The format is also more relaxed than a traditional school, making it a great transition from yoga, or gym classes you may have done in the past. I like to keep it fun, & more social. My goal is not making money, it’s about the training.
Is it for women? — I know, that sounds like a sexist question. I think martial arts are something that many women have never Seriously considered, either due to the intimidation factor or because it seems to be an activity best suited for guys that want to beat each other up. But the truth is, Taekwondo is an excellent choice for the ladies… you get the flexibility, relaxation, & core strength of Yoga, the intensity of cross-fit/cross-training regiments, the cardio & endurance of distance running or spin classes, coupled with a purposeful mental attitude & security of knowing how to defend yourself. And, there’s always room to grow & new things to learn, so you’ll never get bored… which means consistency.
Is there a contract/length of time commitment? — Nope. Aside from signing a liability waiver, there is no commitment, & you are welcome to join/pay month to month.
Can I try a class or two for free? — Sure, absolutely. The best way to see if this is for you is to try. The way you’ll feel after a workout is a better advocate than any words or marketing I can do.
Do I need prior experience? — Nope. Beginners are welcome.
What is the tuition fee? — $50/month
What do I need to participate? — Sporty/free-moving clothes are fine, eventually you will need a uniform, which is $50. You are also welcome to use uniforms from previous schools.
Please send me an email or give me a call if you have any other questions about the classes. – 206.713.7333
Class Schedule/Tuition

     Days of the week vary
     Generally 6-7:30pm
     Studio 408
     55 S Atlantic St
     Seattle WA 98134